By purchasing from us means you agreed with all terms and conditions:



We have no affiliation with Starbucks, Stanley, or any other brands. We are not their manufacturer, agent, or partner.

When you shop on our website, it means you are entrusting us to procure specific products on your behalf and have them delivered to your designated address. Our service is focused on procurement/packaging/shipment, and there is no physical goods transaction between you and us. The relationship established after placing an order is based on an agency contract, which means we act as your agent in the procurement process and do not engage in the sale or manufacturing of physical goods.

Rest assured that we source the products from legitimate channels in the designated region, such as physical retail stores or official online shops. We take great care in packaging and reinforcing the items to ensure secure delivery to your address.

It's important to note that the purchased items are procured goods based on your specific request. We solely take on the responsibility of procuring them on your behalf. However, we do not assume any risks or liabilities associated with the use of the products once they are in your possession.

Please take the time to carefully review the information provided on this page. By making a purchase on our website, means you willingly entrust us with the procurement process and acknowledge your understanding of the terms outlined here. If you have any concerns or objections, we recommend considering alternative options, such as making purchases in person in China or seeking alternative website or people for the service

Before purchase:

Authentic or FAKE? : We solemnly guarantee that all items listed on our website are genuine. We will purchase these items from reputable retail stores to ensure their authenticity. You can confidently make your purchase.

About pricing: The prices displayed on our website are in USD, and they already include basic shipping costs. We offer basic air shipping. However, please note that import duties, taxes, and/or other fees are not included in the total cost of your order. If any import duties or other fees are incurred, they will be your responsibility.

Discount code: We regularly offer special promotions and discount activities. Please follow our Instagram and Facebook group to stay updated with the latest offers.

Product images: We make every effort to showcase the actual appearance of our products. However, please understand that slight color variations may occur due to factors such as lighting and devices.

Payment methods: We accept PAYPAL g&s, Apple Pay, and major credit cards recognized by our website. If your PAYPAL account allows, you may choose to use PAY IN 4 for payment.

Shipping coverage: We provide worldwide air shipping services, and free shipping is available for the following areas: mainland United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Additional shipping charges apply for US Outlying Islands and APO/FPO addresses.

Shipping carriers: We use Yanwen Express for shipping. Once the package arrives in your destination country, it will be handled by Yanwen's partner carriers, typically USPS, Aftership, UniUni, or others, depending on Yanwen's arrangements. We cannot determine or specify a particular carrier.

Shipping time: Yanwen Express usually takes 15-25 business days to deliver to the United States and Canada, and 20-45 days to other countries. The shipping time primarily depends on the customs clearance speed of the destination country. Occasionally, there might be delays due to customs or local processing centers. If such situations arise, please do not worry, as customs usually release the package within 1-3 weeks.

For faster shipping options, we also offer DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority, and other services.
We do not accept PO BOX addresses. Need assistance? Click: About PO-Box


During the purchase:

Handleing Time: If the item you purchased is in stock, we will ship it to you within 1-5 business days. For pre-order items, we will ship them within 2-7 business days after the product is officially released. Please pay attention to the specific release date mentioned in the product description for pre-order items.

Order Updates: After you make the payment, we will automatically send an order confirmation email. Once the item is shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number and a link to track your package. You will also receive an email notification upon successful delivery. Therefore, it is essential to provide your email address in the order, as failure to do so may result in missing important updates. If you forget to include your email address, please contact us, and we will assist you in adding it to your order.

Refunds: All sales are final, and once an order is placed, we cannot offer refunds. Please carefully consider and confirm your purchase needs and decision before placing the order,including confirming your chosen payment method. If you insist on canceling the order, we can only process it if the order has not been shipped yet, a cancellation fee of 10% will be charged for each order. Customers who frequently request refunds may be blacklisted.

After familiarizing yourself with the above terms, please send us an email to request a refund, including your order number.

Address Information: Please ensure that you provide the correct shipping address during the purchase process, including apartment numbers if applicable. We cannot be held responsible for any delivery issues caused by incorrect or incomplete address information. If you discover any issues with your address before the item is shipped, please contact us immediately to update it. This is your only opportunity to make changes.

Customs Duties: Buyers are responsible for any customs duties applicable to their orders. Our prices do not include customs duties. To avoid unnecessary complications, we usually declare a value of $15 or less for packages shipped to Canada and $45 or less for packages shipped to Mexico. However, for certain special circumstances or items, we can only declare the actual value. Additionally, customers from specific European countries are advised to provide their tax ID, as failure to do so may result in shipment restrictions.

Tracking Packages: Typically, after we ship your order, you will receive an automated email containing the tracking number and a link to track your package. You can also use platforms like 17track or other logistics tracking websites to check the shipping status and location of your package. Please note that international shipping updates may not be real-time, and it is normal for there to be no updates for a day or two. Most packages are delivered within 2-3 weeks, while some may take 4-8 weeks. Your patience is appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Forwarding: Please refrain from contacting the carrier directly to modify your address after the shipment has been dispatched. Yanwen has not entered into any forwarding agreements with local carriers, which means that if customers independently arrange for forwarding, it may result in unsuccessful delivery,and the package will be destroied in local post office. Consequently, we cannot assume responsibility for any resulting losses.



After the package delivery:

Something wrong with your package: If you encounter any issues with the items in your received package, such as receiving the wrong item/missing items/noticeable defects/breakage/straw breakage, please contact us within 5 days of the package's delivery confirmation. Kindly provide us with unboxing video and photos and your order number, and we will promptly address your concerns and provide a suitable solution. Typically, we offer options for reshipment or refund in such cases.

Minor product imperfections:
Please note that our SC (second chance) series listed on the website may have unavoidable minor flaws, which are explicitly described or depicted in detailed images. We kindly request your understanding that the items you entrust us to purchase are not luxury crafts and cannot be expected to be flawless.

Examples of such minor imperfections may include slightly tilted fonts/rough manufacturing craftsmanship/color inconsistencies/small black dots or discoloration/visible seams or fraying from production/copper oxidation/slight irregularities in appearance/minor scratches/slight dents/tiny pinholes/slightly bent straws. These imperfections may occur, particularly after international shipping. Prior to packaging, we conduct a thorough inspection of each item, and by placing an order on our website, you acknowledge and accept our inspection standards. Unless the issue falls under the serious circumstances mentioned in the previous paragraph (which seriously affects the usability of the product), we do not offer refunds or replacements for minor imperfections. For instance, if you receive a slightly bent straw due to rough handling during transportation, we kindly suggest using gentle force to straighten it or soaking it in hot water before reshaping it.
If you insist on a refund, we can provide a return address, but you will be responsible for the return shipping and packaging costs.




Order Not Received or Not Shipped

Order not shipped: Please rest assured that we do not overlook any orders. There could be several reasons why your package has not been shipped:
A. Your order has already been shipped, but we were unable to send you a shipping notification as you did not provide an email address during the purchase.
B. If you have purchased a pre-sale item, please refer to the product description for information about the release date and estimated shipping time.
C. In cases where your payment is in a pending status, we are unable to process the shipment until the payment is received. This situation may occur when using PayPal e-check.
D. In rare instances, the item you purchased may be out of stock, and we require some time to restock it.
Regardless of the above situations, please do not worry and kindly send us an email for further assistance.

Tracking number not work: Normally, we upload the tracking number when we ship the package. If your tracking number does not show any tracking information, please allow 1-3 days for the information to be updated. If there is still no update after one week, please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt assistance. This situation could occur if the package was missed by our Yanwen warehouse or did not pass the security check. It is also possible that an incorrect tracking number was provided.

Package been stuck: Typically, shipments to the United States and Canada take approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery. However, it is not uncommon for packages to be held at customs or local processing centers for 3-14 days. We kindly request your patience in understanding the unpredictable nature of international shipping. If your package has not been delivered after 40 days, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Please note that in extremely rare cases, packages may be lost or held by customs. Our policy is to consider a package lost if it has not been delivered after 60 days. Once a package is deemed lost, we will assume full financial responsibility and promptly offer a reshipment or full refund.

Package Returned to Sender: Please be aware that our international shipping carrier does not offer return services. If a package is marked as "returned to sender," it will be held at the local depot in your area for 1-2 weeks before being destroyed. Whether the package was returned due to an incomplete address provided by you or a postal issue, it is important to immediately contact the local carrier using the local tracking number to request redelivery or inquire about retrieving the package from the depot. This is the most effective way to resolve the situation. While we will assist you in contacting the carrier, please note that our communication with the local carrier may be limited. Additionally, we would like to emphasize the importance of providing accurate and complete shipping addresses during your purchase. If the package cannot be delivered due to an insufficient address provided by you, we cannot offer a refund.

Package didn't receive but shows delivered: In the event that the tracking information confirms that the package has been delivered, but you claim not to have received it (due to theft or loss), we kindly request you to thoroughly check your surroundings and inquire with family members, neighbors, or the front desk personnel regarding the package's whereabouts. If, after conducting these checks, you are still unable to locate the package, please contact us as soon as possible. We will assist you in investigating the matter and provide the necessary support. However, please understand that once the tracking information confirms the package's delivery, we are unable to offer refunds or replacements.



Furthermore, we reserve the right to decline service to certain specific customers. We have implemented our own blacklist system, which includes, but is not limited to, customers who have repeatedly requested refunds/excessively nitpick over minor issues/maliciously file return requests after receiving the products/exhibit rude or abusive behavior. As part of our business philosophy, we strive to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. Please understand that our decision not to respond to malicious defamation is not due to oversight or indifference. Rather, we prefer to allocate our limited time towards packaging and shipping orders, as well as more meaningful endeavors.

We hope that the aforementioned shopping guidelines have provided you with clear instructions. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. We are committed to providing you with exceptional support.

Thank you for choosing Sparducks!

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